Want to order specific ammo

from a specific website?


We will need the website URL*, the product number, and the quantity desired.  We must receive your full payment before placing an order.  We will contact you as soon as the ammunition arrives.  If not otherwise arranged at the time of order, there will be an additional $4 per day storage fee beginning after one week past delivery date.  Any additional fees are due at the time of pickup.  Unless previously arranged, ordered products will be assumed abandoned 30 days after delivery date.  No refunds will be given.


Rates are as follows:


$50 -   $99     :   (Our Cost + Shipping x 25%) + Tax


$100 - $299   :   (Our Cost + Shipping x 20%) + Tax


$300 - $999   :   (Our Cost + Shipping x 15%) + Tax


$1,000 +        :   (Our Cost + Shipping x 10%) + Tax


* We may be unable to make purchases from some websites.