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Classes start at 10:30am.

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  We are not accepting any new students at this time and
we have not set any dates for future classes.  When we
resume classes, we will advertise them here.

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Do you want to save money on your ammo expenses?  Have you considered reloading your own ammo?  LMC offers a 3 hour course that will teach you the basics of reloading and give you enough knowledge and confidence to begin reloading your own pistol or rifle ammo. And save 10% on purchases that day.


Classes are conducted at LMC. Students will get "hands on" practice with modern reloading tools.  Price is $75 per student.  Reservations are necessary and a deposit is required & non-refundable. The class size is limited to ensure all students get "hands on" instruction. Restroom breaks provided.


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619 444-9291

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